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Activities When Self Quarantining

Here is a list of activities that you can try if you are self quarantining or just trying to pass time with family. The Youth and Family Counseling Agency of Oyster Bay is wishing the best of health for all in the community.

If you try any of these activities let us know which one and how it went!


  1. Plant an indoor garden - maybe you have some seeds from fruits lying around or you want to pass time, decorate a paper cup and plant a seed.

  2. Start a new craft - maybe you'll try origami or draw out your next visit to Jones Beach, either way time is sure to fly.

  3. Create a playlist of your favorite music - why not save them in a playlist to share with others?

  4. Go through a photo album - whether you still have one or not doesn't matter! If you don't, you can clean up some space on your phone by deleting some or go through them as a family.

  5. Learn a poem and memorize it - this one is as random as it sounds, but it's sure to pass time!

  6. Call a relative you haven't spoken with recently.

  7. Choose 5 friends you haven't spoken and catch up with them, ask how they're doing.

  8. Learn new songs with family to wash your hands to - here are some great ones.

  9. If you have a dog try teaching it a new trick!

  10. If you're going to keep reading news - maybe you'll try a new fictional story: Here's a list from The NY Times.

  11. Try some family karaoke - show off your skills and compete to win!

  12. Try some yoga or mindfulness

  13. Alphabetize your bookcase

  14. Watch your favorite tv show - yes, this is the time for watching every season

  15. Follow YFCA on social media (the links are at the top)

  16. Start listening to a podcast

  17. Create a calendar with everyone's birthdays - this way your definitely not to forget

  18. Read about your horoscope

  19. Take a nice shower

  20. Try a puzzle that's been sitting on the shelf - if you're lucky, you'll have all the pieces

  21. Do some meal prep

  22. Keep it up (with a balloon) - the rules are simple: don't let the balloon touch the ground

  23. Write poetry about how you're feeling

  24. Play a board game - yes, this means the one that's still sealed in the box

  25. Go through all of your unread emails

  26. Plan out your next vacation - but make sure it's not too soon

  27. Make a personal website - now you can show off the crafts you've done

  28. Do online crossword puzzles - here are some daily ones!

  29. Learn a new instrument

  30. Redecorate your room (or house)

  31. Organize your closet - maybe there are some things that you don't use anymore

  32. Take a virtual tour of an art gallery

  33. Take a virtual tour of a college

  34. Memorize a song

  35. Write a letter to your future self

  36. Learn how to cook a family recipe - or teach your kids

  37. Explore the YFCA website

  38. Learn how to do card tricks

  39. Make your own card tricks

  40. Start a blog about your coronavirus self quarantine (or whatever you are doing to pass time)

  41. Fix some stuff around the house - we all know there is something to be done!

  42. Watch some of the highlights of your favorite sports games

  43. Paint a picture - maybe it's a self-portrait or your next dream destination

  44. Write a story for your kids and tell them all about your life

  45. Clean your room - or have your kids clean theirs

  46. Watch the sunrise or sunset or both!

  47. Set a resolution for yourself when life is back to normal after this pandemic

  48. Try creative writing - it can be about anything

  49. Clean out your desk

  50. Plan what you will wear/bring to YFCA's Spring Benefit

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